Senior Academy

Our Senior Academy trains twice a week on Tuesday (Little Heath School) and Thursday (Reading Blue Coat School). This academy is open to players up to 16 year old subject to their abilities.

World class expert intensive performance coaching, provide an environment where all those who are part of the programme are able to develop into the best player they can possibly be.

Our Senior Academy will explore the various different aspects of the game and how to bring them together.  Head coach Aftab draws from his experience as a very successful professional player and international coach to deliver a programme that is unparalleled in the rest of Berkshire.

Traditionally, acceptance to our Senior Academy is via invitation only after assessment. If you would like to book an assessment, please contact head coach Aftab Habib via the ‘Contact Us’ button above.

When & where we train

Autumn term

Little Heath School, RG31 5TY – Every Tuesday (18:30 – 20:15)

Reading Bluecoat School, RG4 6SU – Every Thursday, (18:00 – 19:45)

Summer progamme / April to September

Earley Cricket Club, RG6 1BT – Every Tuesday, (18:00 – 19:45)

I’ve seen a massive improvement in my childs development whilst at the AHCA. 

His cricket has improved to the point where he is considered as one of the best in his age groups in his county set up.

All this whilst making friends and developing as a person! Thank you Aftab & the other AHCA coaches!

Rahul Gavankar

More about our Senior Academy & how to get involved

We know that there is no other academy in Berkshire that provides the quality of coaching we do. This is backed up by the fact that 85% of those in our U13s programme play representative cricket for their respective counties.

We provide world class coaching, truly unparalleled in Berkshire, where we surpass other academies is our balanced approach. As well as the best technical coaching, those at the AHCA can expect to develop mental and tactical skills to allow them to surpass their peers, including:

  • Building confidence
  • Taking ownership of game (creating players that are experts in their own game)
  • Building game awareness to allow players to overcome challenges which may arise in games


Admittance to the Senior Academy is by invitation only, this allows us to maintain the integrity of the programme ensuring all children are able to train at a level above others of their age. If you would like to discuss the steps involved in joining the programme, please contact head coach Aftab Habib.